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Vetro C

  • C1
  • C1b
  • C1g
  • C1p
  • C5
  • vetroC10

*** decor available only in horizontal wood grain


  • frame with fixed width made of MDF additionally reinforced with plywood
  • core made of perforated chipboard
  • 8 mm tempered glass with different width, dependent on width of the door leaf 


  • there is possibility to make ventilation undercut (C)
  • door leaf with revers positioning of glass pane


  • R5 edge fig. 1
  • 3 silver screw-in pivot hinges
  • single-point mortise lock for simple key, for bathroom lock, for cylinder lock or economic lock
fig. 1
krawedz R5
edge R5

VETRO C - „80”-„100” - with ventilation undercut fulfill ventilation requirements.

VETRO collection glass panes have obverse and reverse sides (important in juxtaposition of doors opening inversely). Presented horizontal cross-sections shows the arrangement of glass pane in the obverse version. When choosing a reverse version, glass pane is rotated by 180° around the vertical axis..

NOTE:It is required to use together with VETRO door leaf model door frames equipped with 3 hinges.

NOTE: There is no possibility to shorten door leaf.

Door leaf width: single leaf door „70”÷„100”.